Your team can try harder, perform better, and BE better! In these trying times, you can't hope for their best, you have to make it happen. More now than ever. Our team of experts has spent years coaxing the best possible performance from even the most stubborn and set-in-their-ways salon cultures. We can work wonders with yours as well.

8 Steps to a High Performance team

  • Cultural Assessment - Learn the truth about the shared belief system of your company
  • Behavior Style Training - Staff learn how to communicate with clients and co-workers
  • Establish Behavior Styles for all staff - Simple test that is fun and engaging while useful
  • Review and Set New Performance Standards - The "Four E's" of High Performance
  • Leadership Assessment - Interviews and baseline skills development lead to excellence
  • Revise / Create a Performance Evaluation Form - Adopt one from the best in the industry
  • Suggestions for Long Term Success - Provocative Operations and Compensation ideas
  • Ongoing support afterward  - Minimum 30 days support

To get the team to change behaviors, you have to be ready to re-shape the company's culture. You have to set new standards and be able to count on your leadership to coach the team to high performance. Then with the right set of indicators and the right coaching, you can finally hold your team accountable and get everyone to deliver a higher level of service to your client.

Our experts can make this happen for your team, with only one day on the premises of your salon, and with plenty of support after that day, to be certain of your success.